Core Values

Established in 2016, Parity focuses on using data and advanced algorithms to reduce the carbon emissions in multifamily buildings – the single greatest source of CO2 production in North America. By predicting the amount of energy needed to operate a building to meet the needs of residents, we make energy waste a thing of the past.

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Our Values

Innovate Constantly
Tackle the hardest problems in building automation. Connect buildings for the first time.
Data Driven
Use data to transform how HVAC systems use energy. Turn to data for answers and solutions.
Customer Obsessed
Work closely with all stakeholders in the building. Meet the needs of managers, directors and residents.
Particle element

Join us our mission!

As one of the first data driven platforms to manage energy in buildings, we are breaking new ground in an industry with endless needs. Through collaboration and innovation, we are working to scale across North America and are looking for more team players.

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