An energy management platform built on years of experience

Parity adds intelligence to Building Automation Systems that have changed very little over the last 75 years. We are the next logical step towards making your building smarter, more efficient and environmentally responsible.

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We make your BAS smarter with real-time data

The Pi Platform has the ability to grow, learn and respond to changes in weather, occupancy levels and seasonal energy usage – something a traditional BAS can only dream of. We generally save an extra 15 – 20% on a BAS alone. Even if your BAS is newly installed.

What makes us unique is that we require no upfront investment – the entire project is paid for through the energy savings we guarantee when you sign with us. Freeing up capital for other projects.

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Parity - Making Buildings Smarter

Before Parity, operational data on your HVAC system was hard to find and more importantly difficult to understand for Property Managers and Condo Boards. With Parity, we give you full transparency on your HVAC system to help you make informed decisions on HVAC upgrades or replacement options.


Coal Fired


Birth of modern HVAC


Birth of Rudimentary BAS but no intelligence


Intelligent BAS, cloud-based real-time data & remotelyoptimized

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Parity is North Americas leading EMaaS provider that specializes in multifamily buildings exclusively.

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